some people LIKE a little whipping cream while getting their just desserts ....


in progress - a comedy stage play

Madame Merelda's


Bob Westerholm


Madame Merelda's House of Magyck comes under scrutiny by the police, and  though it is simply a BDSM club, even advertising 'no sex', Madame Merelda is charged with keeping a common bawdy house. The proper Mayor is campaigning for re-election and needs someone to pick on. Madame Merelda in desperation calls her most loyal and masochistic witnesses and the sadistic prosecution calls theirs. A perfect courtroom conflict of good against evil, but who is who? The bizarre testimony moves to a hilarious verdict and flagellianic conclusion.


... based on a true and bizarre court case in Canada


(well you KNOW how to get back, don't you.)


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