screams in the night
howlings from the fence

                              musings from behind the wall

cat on a fence

We are all aliens in some way as we wander life's mysterious paths, sojourners in a foreign land, visitors to a distant planet
clinging briefly to a breathless moment in time. We could be noble beings hurtling toward our individual heavens,
or simply feral cats crouching on the fence,  mewling to make our voices heard and find some small
recognition of our existence. It is up to each of us to make ourselves welcome Here,
and perhaps then receive an invitation to There.

Explore a few directions travelled in a temporary  world and hopefully leave behind an idea that
something good and worthwhile passed this way, for the moment will not come again.
Retain for yourself a little silliness too, for sanity.

Please browse and enjoy what ideas, thoughts and images we share .... these
are things which interest us, and we hope you find reason to linger.

Return often, caterwauls is always evolving.





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    meanderings of a peregrine mind        excerpts from creative writings
2     reflections through a glass eye        -   photography Vancouver and beyond
3     scribblings of a shaky finger        -   design, drawing and artworks
4     memories from a clouded history        -   treasures and oddballs from the past
5     bloggies  -  best o' the blog        -   selected comments and silliness 
6     characters on a fleeting frame        -   the actors' head shots and bios 

    yummies from a loving hand

       -    Auntie Jane's REALLY good stuff 

    allusions to illusions in steel

       -   motorcycles and cars in fast forward 
9     echoes within a tin pan ear        -    songs and musical explorations 
10      travels to the edge and back        -    compass points and paramours

downtown Vancouver, BC

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