Life is full of beauty. You have the ability to recognize it, you can draw the attention of others to that beauty all around us. You can see beautiful things, and cause those around you to slow down to see them too. You can value the human spirit and impart your feelings to others. You can influence life around you and enhance it for everyone. Perhaps that is the intent of our
existence here on Earth.

Now, shed your negatives in the center of our labyrinth, leave them there, and continue to slowly trace your path in reverse.

Recall the values you already have and how important they are to your journey through life. You will have activated your spiritual energies. It may be the only time we travel this enchanting path, but you can recreate it any time by tracing through a labyrinth and appreciating yourself and your renewed approach to the constantly changing wonders of our existence.

We humans are unique.





.        .           .                              .
.                 .                       .                    .
        .        .
.                     .                  .                .                   .          .                    .           .    
.        .               .    .                       .            .
.                                       .             .
.         .  .            .              .                       .            .

 .   Once-in-a-Blue-Moon Productions.    . .        .


from the caterwauls website