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Beautiful Things on Earth

My Top Nine favourite women of all time. All beautiful yes, but also world class women of multi-facets to their diamond brightness; unique style, character, humour, class, intelligence and most of all, a free spirited independence!

The choices of these women were not just from TV or movie fame, but of an allure and sensuality emanating from within, an enduring quality in how they live that reveals the person slowly and holds your interest, the fact that they are seen on screen only makes us more familiar with them, and we feel we know them a little, even within their characterizations. 


Jacqueline Bisset     Kim Novak
Ever attractive Jackie Bisset, the classic brains and beauty   The always sensual and alluring Jane Robertson   The eternally lusty, Kim Novak gives us all vertigo

Born English with a fluent command of French from her Gallic mother, she modelled at an early age to help support her family. Jacqueline has appeared in many of Hollywood's best movies, and quality French and independent films as well, but always with discrimination to the role. Which has made her transition to the character actor seamless. She has never been married, choosing to be independent regardless of constantly adoring men, including Michael Sarrazin and Alexander Gudunov. Today she chooses substance and depth in her roles, wanting to be 'stimulated by the work.' And it is evident in the independence of her real character. She is a Golden Globe winner, César and Emmy nominee, and awarded France's Légion d'Honneur in 2010. She divides her time between England and Beverly Hills.


Jane seems to have led a life that gained power as it moved on. She married young, raised her children and then began her own accomplishments. Spending a year travelling, she visited 36 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia. These travels were an education in world culture. She ran a coffee chain as Retail Operations Manager. Managed her own business of two art galleries, became an actress appearing in films and TV commercials and even wrote a series of children's stories about Bad Martha. Today she is known for her love and lifestyle advice website askauntiejane and her original cooking recipes and preserving of Auntie Jane's Good Stuff  full of delicious and healthy eating. Active and vibrant and confidant with a wooden spoon or a 9mm gun in her hand, Jane is always looking toward the next of life's challenges.


Kim Novak began as a teen fashion model on a scholarship. She also won a scholarship to the Art Institute of Chicago. But her popularity soared when she began appearing in Hollywood movies. Signed by Columbia Pictures to a six month contract she won awards for her work but even then, had the nerve to go on strike against her studio in a protest of her salary!  The Golden Globe 'New Star' winner worked with all the great leading men of her era.
One of her films, Vertigo, directed by Alfred Hitchcock, co starring James Stewart remains a classic thriller! Kim now raises horses and llamas in Oregon, and is an accomplished painter in oil and watercolour, sculptor,  glass designer, photographer and poet. She doesn't rule out acting if the right project comes her way. We hope it does soon.


  Tracy Westerholm   Kate Winslet
That 40s style of  Hedy Lamarr, never out of date   Former Miss World Canada,
Tracy Westerholm 
  Kate Winslet qualifys in all categories for sure

Hedy Lamarr,  Austrian born  actress known for her great beauty on screen. She attracted international attention by appearing in a Czech film, Ekstace, nude, and simulating an orgasm. She once had to drug her cruel and controlling husband to escape from her Austrian castle. Hiding in a brothel to avoid being caught. Then she made her way to Paris. Hedy had brains too! She also co-invented an early form of spread spectrum technology, a key to modern wireless communication.  An intriguing woman to say the least. Her movie career lasted through 18 films opposite every leading male star during the famous MGM Golden Years.


After competing in the Miss
World contest whose motto is 'beauty with a purpose' in England and Malta, (she has visited more than 40 countries) Tracy followed a film career. Appearing on TV in MacGyver and Stargate and in the film,  Xtro II. She then chose to devote her attention to her children, still finding time to ride her Harley and learn kick-boxing. She recently began a website, to inspire women to explore their own pursuits of finding beauty and purpose in our fast changing world. Through Tara Cronica, and her new website, Sexy and Silver, Tracy has found her unique voice as a writer of insight and creative talent.
Kate Winslet seems to attract awards and is nominated for almost everything she does. She also sings and can be heard singing 'Sono Andati', an aria from la Bohēme in Peter Jackson's film, Heavenly Creatures. A celestial beauty herself, Kate refuses to allow TV or film to dictate her life style, successfully suing a company who morphed her into thinness for a tabloid.  She always appears grounded with a solid footing in reality. Her exceptional acting talent ranges from Shakespearean tragedy to modern-day mysticism, humour and erotica. Kate is always the picture of fresh natural beauty.
Catherine Deneuve    
Catherine Deneuve, vintage French wine   Jordan Wellenbrink, unfolding future beauty   Candice Bergen, woman of multi talents

Catherine Deneuve gained recognition for her portrayal of aloof and mysterious beauties in films. She speaks fluent French, Italian, English and German, she designs jewellery, glass, shoes and was the face of Chanel No 5 for years and now has her own perfume, Deneuve. She has also been associated with Yves Saint Laurent and L'Or
éal Paris. Was appointed a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador and her image was used to represent Marianne, the national symbol of France. She has starred in many French, Italian and American films.  Nominated for many awards including an Academy Award for Indo Chine.  She is truly an international star and has worked with all the great directors; Luis Buñuel, Roman Polanski, Tony Scott, Roger Vadim and Francois Truffaut. Marcello Mastroianni is the father of her daughter, Chiara.
Jody Wellenbrink is like the fresh rosebud unfolding in the sun. Promising that years to come will continue the bright bloom of her personality too. Yet this young talent on the threshold of life is already the artist with a pencil or crayon. And tap dancing and hip hop, and musical theatre are samples which may lead into a bright future. Her humour is inherent and perhaps inherited, and a suspenseful story teller could develop from the resistance to tell why she cannot have gum. The serious thoughts are still deep in the mind, but the workings are there and an engaging intellect is already forming. Jordan will no doubt knock 'em out as she blossoms into a new world beauty, captivating and charming her way into the future. And already the signals of that needed independence are quietly emerging and forecasting a life of accomplishment.
Fashion model, Charlie McCarthy's sister, competent photojournalist, award winning actress. All monikers for one of Hollywood's most beautiful women. The daughter of the famed ventriloquist Edgar Bergen, she resented the 'sister' comparison to his dummy. Yet went on to become a world class photographer, pursued by CBS to cover stories for 60 Minutes. Fluent in French, she was married to film director Louis Malle, and displayed dramatic gifts in many films including playing opposite Oliver Reed in The Hunting Party and Jack Nicholson in Carnal Knowledge. But she eventually chose to use her comedic talents in television and won many awards in the media. Perplexing to some as one wonders whether her serious or humorous side would prevail? Yet both sides reveal the wonderful facets of her casual but complex personality



 Yes, only three of these females are actually in my life. But what a blessing to have them there. What ongoing pleasures these Beautiful on Earth creatures provide, and with love too!


Life is just not able to be about one thing or another. A whole package is the necessary interest for the human mind. Something which keeps one coming back for more and has the reward of revealing an enticing nuance each time.  Perhaps a surprising thought. Or an idea of depth followed by a wry smile. A twist to reveal one more aspect. Beautiful things on Earth have depth and character as well as eye beauty. Stimulation of the intellect, which flutters the heart like the scent of a wild spring rose. Beauty and intelligence makes them wonderful to be near.

Our Earth is favoured with beautiful things,  beautiful women especially,
and we need to love them wholly, even if from afar.


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