Once in a Blue Moon Productions  

creative website design, web writing,
     photography and photographic enhancement


Like the design of the website you're on? Want one yourself?

I can make easy to maintain yourself web pages, designed and built just for you. 
Much more than a blog, your very own website allows you to post whatever you like
with all the creative aspects you wanted. 

Who needs a website? Or a weblog?

  • Small companies who want to tell their customers about themselves.
  • People who want to communicate with family around the world.
  • Actors who want to show more than one simple headshot.
  • People using a webpage as an ongoing resume.
  • Photographers who need to show their creative work.
  • Artists with a selected and varied portfolio.
  • Political commentaries with photos.
  • Groups with meeting minutes that need to be posted.
  • Writers who want to post excerpts from their work.
  • Special events calendars.
  • Clubs with many members.
  • Password protected web pages.

What ever you think you want, do a sketch, any drawing
helps us get the idea. We can set up your personal website
with one of the best hosts on the internet,  one that gives you
huge space for any expansion that you might need in the future.
You'll be able to upload all your writing, hundreds of
photographs, your drawings, your own artwork,
and all your writings, musings and opinions!
We'll send you back a quote.
It's not expensive and doesn't have to be thousands.

Having your very own website is fun and doesn't require a lot of
special knowledge, we show you what to do after your design is
complete, so you can add whatever you like, whenever
you like and as much as needed.  We do the basic, and you do the creative!

And we can help with your photographs too. Take that embarrassing Uncle out of your wedding pic? Sure. Remove the telephone wires from your holiday snapshots? Yes.  Enhance the colour? Of course. Tell us what is bugging you and we'll change it to something you'll be proud of. Simply send us the troubling digital picture, so we can see what needs to be done and we'll get back to you with a price that you can afford.

Come on into the 21st century, have your very own web presence!



 Some of our web designs http://caterwauls.ca - http://askauntiejane.com - http://caterwauls.blogspot.com -

 http://ajsjaggededge.blogspot.com - http://auntiejanesgoodstuff.blogspot.com - http://rescuemystuff.blogspot.com -

 http://Bitches&Belches.blogspot.com - http://notquitenomadz.blogspot.com -


                                           photographs from Masalla Galleries Graphics.

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