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99% of all content on caterwauls site are original writing, music, photography or design and property of the owners of the site.  copyright  2004 through 2013. 


=== Fair use in some caterwauls pictures or videos ===


Though this image is subject to copyright, its use is covered by the U.S. fair use laws because:

# It illustrates an educational article about the entity that the logo represents.

# The image is used as the primary means of visual identification of the article topic.

# It is a low resolution image, and thus not suitable for production of counterfeit goods.

# The logo is not used in such a way the a reader would be confused into believing that the article is written or authorized by the owner of the logo.

# It is not replaceable with an uncopyrighted or freely copyrighted image of comparable educational value.


Some instances where the claim to Fair Use may occur - the examples on this site being for purposes of showing excellence in the work of others.

        Julian Lennon - music video - Saltwater

        Madonna - music video - What it feels like for a girl.

        Madonna - music video - Human Nature

        Victor Navone - animation - I Will Survive

        Jake Shimabukuro - music video -  While my Guitar Gentle Weeps - (You Tube)

        Something's Happening Here - song video for Expo 86 - sung by Lisa del Balo

        Fame - music clip - movie theme - Irene Cara

        Keenan Cahill - Never Look Back - home video

        Guido Hatzis - The Plumber - joke radio clip

        Dutch TV host - Can't Stop Laughing - TV clip

        Kyokushinkai knockdown tournament - video

        Ozzy Osbourne - music video - Dreamer

        Gary Belsma - home video - Numa Numa

        Movie clip - On The Waterfront - Maron Brando

        Visit Spain - tourist promo video -


Other instances of copyright are noted on the page where they occur with credits to copyright owners. And some are within the realm of satirical review. Others by permission.

Bob Westerholm

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