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Lytton House


Sometimes you can write your own history to a photograph ....


Spring, 1883

Honey, I got the job working on building the railroad now so we can stay right here in Lytton!  I will be on maintenance. and I found a great building lot for a house.

I can't wait for you to see this area.  The mountains are sometimes purple and blue, and the pines are always green.  The wide river gorge is really beautiful.

The lot I picked is right on the main thoroughfare.  We can build our own house and I can do a lot of the designing and building myself, you know I am good with carpentry and I don't care how hard the work is. We'll make our house real nice, it'll be the best one in town.  And we'll have the kitchen so you can always see the views. It'll be a real kitchen too, not like the cubby hole in New WestminsterWe'll have a big fireplace for winter, there's lots of pinewood windfalls around, and I'll make a nice porch on the shady side for summer. 

You'll feel free up here, Honey, the sky never ends and the air is even sweet to breathe. And we'll have 3 kids, two boys and a girl, with a big grassy front yard for them to play in. And we'll plant an apple tree so they'll always have rosy cheeks. And a vegetable garden in the back. And there's fish in the rivers too, we can almost eat for nothing.

The River Trail comes through here, and the Wagon Road going to the Cariboo gold.  And now they're prospecting up the Thompson River too. So there is a real future here. Now don't laugh, but you might even see a camel! Once the railroad is done there'll be more settler people too. Families. Folks like us. You'll be able to sell your delicious pies to the travelers and miners. I know you'll love it here.

Lytton will be a good place for us to settle, Honey. I have promise of a long term job with the railroad company. We can make a good life.  I will buy the building lot.  I can't wait to get started.

Send me a return letter, no never mind, just get here as soon as you can.  We are too young to be apart any longer.

You know I miss you.

God speed.




 I would love to see this beautiful old house preserved by Lytton
as a heritage site, or perhaps restored as a tourist information center,
but I fear it will disappear to developers soon.





Fraser and Thompson rivers from Lytton today


copyright 2014 by Bob Westerholm

God bless all those who lost everything in the tragic Lytton fire.