R.C. Westerholm


A comedy in five acts

Using 4 males and 4 females




Love and war between friends and the constant struggle between man and woman for what each desires in a relationship.

The Battle of the Sexes continues through four stages of one coupleís life together, HE and SHE, yet it always progresses toward accomplishment of their goals and the theme, Love Conquers All.

Act I. They are adversarial from their first date at 17. SHE already believes in love and marriage as a philosophy on life. HE hasnít formed a belief as yet but knows instinctively that SHE is a keeper. It is her mind which intrigues him and deflates his juvenile attempts at sex. SHE wants to become a psychologist, HE hopes to be a football player.

Act II. At 32 they are now married and struggling through the child-rearing - mortgage payment stage of their life. They have many financial worries, SHE has put her career studies on hold, HE is forced to make a job change, yet humour alleviates the stress of their problems, and signals that in spite of it all, they are winning at the game of living.

Act III. By the time they are in their middle fifties, and should be enjoying the empty-nest portion of their lives, the struggle for power within their marriage continues unabated. The common trait of both is humour, with moderated conflict. They often make the other laugh during chaotic arguments, defusing the potential of hurt and anger. Manipulation is the name of the game and they both play it hilariously well.

Act IV. Now mellow and relaxed in their 70s. SHE has finally attained her degree in psychology. The struggle now is to simply decide who is supposed to be what? They realize there never was a winner or loser, only two people in love who have learned that tolerance, independence and respect are the foundations of a good marriage. That is, if they can remember it correctly.

Act V. The final burst of conflict and fun when all are together in a tumult of arguments, opinions and comments on love, sex and marriage, and surviving in a changing world.

Even though all acts are in present time, the scenes allow the remembrances of each pairís age. The play shows that the goals of love can be attained and that they are a worthy pursuit. SHE has attained a lifelong desire to be a psychologist, and HE accepts a contentment of life that would only be possible with her.

.....and donít forget to laugh along the way.




ACT I    32 pages      01 - 32          23:00

ACT II   33 pages      33 - 65          24:00

ACT III  41 pages      66 - 106         29:00


    ACT IV   35 pages     107 - 141         22:00

    ACT V    34 pages     142 - 175         26:00

        about 2 hours


Who better to have war with than someone you love?

© R.C. Westerholm

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