It's the Thrill


Out here cruisin' the road, for the kill.  Don't get in she's been told, but she will.

There she is by the side, and she wants to hitch-hike a ride, and my heart beats faster inside, it's the thrill.

Drivin' only at night, lookin' for, any woman who's right, just one more

That girl's gonna go free, when she gets in this car with me, and it's dark so no one can see, it's the thrill.



Jesus give me your help, if you can. You're the one who created this man

My mind's out of control.  So you won't be saving my soul

But you'll help some others if you'll understand.


Turn down back country road, stop the car. She can't try to run home, it's too far

Now she's down on her knees, why does she have to tease?  Drag her behind the trees, it's the thrill.

I am goin' to explode, can't they see?  The man who stands by the road, isn't me

I no longer keep score, and I don't even think anymore. Why the doctors seem to ignore, it's the thrill.




There's no time to regret, what I've done. You may know me and yet, I'm the one,

the one who's living a lie, even now I can't tell you why. But I know it's me who must die, it's the thrill.



Jesus I need your help, right away.  Can't you see what I've done, here today?

Something's wrong in my head and another woman is dead

You should save your children instead

It's the thrill ...  it's the thrill ...

it's the thrill.



© 1985 RCWesterholm (SOCAN)               

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