The Mystical Labyrinth        

Find your way, it is not a maze, there are no tricks or dead ends,  just enter and slowly trace your mouse cursor along the blue path toward the center, have patience, click when you see the arrow change into a pointing hand. There will be a new message here for you to discover. Consider it before resuming your path until the next message. Clicking without following the route will result in nothing. Labyrinths can be used for meditation as in some walking labyrinths, which are paced slowly and thoughtfully to the center, perhaps gliding into your deep inner self, then leisurely back on the same path, emerging refreshed and perhaps transformed. They are not to be traversed in any way other than the path. You are not meandering, but following life's sinuous, enigmatic and sometimes serendipitous directions.

Many people feel a relaxation of the mind,  a refreshment of spirit and even an exhilaration toward the beauty of life after tracing their path through a labyrinth. They are a sacred transformational art form and thought to represent the circuitous route of life. 

Click at each point when you see your mouse arrow cursor change to the pointing hand, a blue arrow will remember your position as you click so you can continue. Every one is different. There are four labyrinths toward the last semi circle.  All will have a message to read and think on.  Relax as you follow the trail, there is no shortcut, and no hurry, consider the events in your life that have made you a unique and distinct human being. Be thankful for them and those people in your life who may have influenced you or even changed your personal philosophy. We are here for a reason.

It is a spiritual path.  Follow yours.

Try it, take your time and reflect, it should be slow, it is meditation .... and it works.





.        .           .                              .
.                 .                       .                    .
        .        .
.                     .                  .                .                   .          .                    .           .    
.        .               .    .                       .            .
.                                       .             .
.         .  .            .              .                       .            .

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from the caterwauls website