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POLL Twenty-Three  -  Covid - 19 - your thoughts?


Also known as the coronavirus, Wuhan virus, Chinese virus. No-one seems to know exactly from where, how or when it arrived. Was it even from Wuhan China? A wet market from live animals? An experiment gone awry? A programmed release from a mad scientist? There were many Americans working on this in China. Why? Who of them disappeared? Was it genetic engineering? There has been stealthy speculation that human population of 2 billion people on Earth is the sustainable amount. But we have 7 billion now. It is currently sweeping the Earth and deaths are everywhere.
Rumors abound and speculation is rampant about the origins!
So vote on what you think is happening.



Do we need to 'eliminate' five billion people to save Earth?





POLL Twenty-Two  -  Which country are you most reluctant to visit?


Many countries today seem like they are downright dangerous to visit, like they are under siege!

Are there now places in the world you won't visit for fear of life threatening attacks?  Are you choosing
'Stay-cation' rather then vacation? Is the potential of violence determining your travels?
While skipping the obvious hot zones, many tempting travel destinations remain, but ...

Which countries are the most dengerous to you in spite of their glossy travel brochures?



France Mexico Isreal England China Spain Turkey India Sweden Russia






destination gone?




POLL Twenty-One - Are Late Night Talk Shows entertaining or irritating?


Do the after 11 pm hosts send you off to bed with a smile or a scowl?

 It all started with Steve Allen keeping you grinning from 11:30 to 1 am with his zany humor and addictive lack of composure that was just fun and set you up for a peaceful sleep. That was then, this is now. Have they become more of a mental test sending you off to troubled dreams? 

What is the criteria for judging these hosts and what they are doing at the end of your day?  The general consensus seems that they are getting worse with less fun and replaced by a strident message from comedians who have become late night activists cleverly disguised as humorists! Political commentary instead of pleasurable moments?  What do you think?  This poll is worst instead of best ... we think we know who the best were, but the plunge to the bottom has come quickly. Who are the culprits with a not so subtle political agenda?  Do you too see desperation in their demeanor?  Where has the fun and entertainment gone?  Vote yourself - - -


Who is the worst?

Trevor Noah Jimmy Fallon Stephen Colbert James Corden Seth Myres Jimmy Kimmel Conan O'Brien Don't Watch
Inherited the intelligent humor show from John Stewart. Has he been up to the challenge? 
A ton of talent but are his games and constant ego one-upsmanship getting in the way of  fun? Once pretended to be Republican but is he now tiresome with his constant Democratic message? Seems to be climbing onto the anti-Trump  bandwagon but does he have to yell so much? Total anti-Trump  politico who seems intent on making his hour a boring extension of CNN?
Hatchet-man Kimmel just trying to stay with the others while waiting to chop a better no Trump rating?
Conan cut to a half hour and might not have time for the poor Trump impression now? I never tune in these shows now and find more humor in the 'Hunting for Hitler' show.

Steve Allen

sleep tight 

What late night SHOULD be all about.


Poll closed - 1. Steven Colbert   2. Seth Myers  3. I Don't Watch







POLL Twenty - Who is to blame for the BC Legislature scandal?


The scandal (again) in the BC government is just shaping up. Many more exposs seem to be just under the fog in the ongoing scandal. One whistleblower has already come forward, are there more in the shadows? Knowing what has surfaced so far, can you hold anyone to account for the obvious Culture of Entitlement that has resulted in greed by people who are paid more than most corporate CEOs? How far will this go? Is one person or many responsible? If so, who?

Take your pick, and try not to cry, it is YOUR money they were spending - - - 


. . . or do we hate that these revelations were exposed and shoot the messenger ?

Gordon Campbell Christy Clark Craig James Gary Lenz Rich Coleman Darryl Plecas Linda Reid Conner Gibson
Former BC Premier
sold BC Hydro P3 Power Projects to who?
Former BC Premier
sold BC Rail in an ongoing cover-up scandal
The Accused -
Clerk of the House
Signed off on Gary Lenz expenses
The Accused -
Signed off on Craig James expenses
Former MLA
Housing, Gambling
controlled certain ministries for years
Accuser - Speaker of the House
documented gross mis-spending
BC Liberal -
Deputy Speaker
fired employee who didn't double-bill
Whistleblower First of many?
became fired when he talked

. . .  or do we accept that governments are all crooks and look away?

What me worry kid
The man who
would be King?


Poll closed - 1. Gary Lenz   2. Rich Coleman  3. Christy Clark




POLL Nineteen - What entity are you most afraid of? 

It seems that many agencies are not what they appear to be and could well be intent on

deceiving you, deflecting you from truth and implementing a secret agenda; total domination.

The Presidency The Deep State FEMA The NSA HAARP
Militarized Police ISIS Clinton Foundation Martial Law The FBI/CIA


Poll closed  -   1. The Clinton Foundation  - 26%   2. The NSA  - 16%   3. The FBI-CIA - 14%





POLL Eighteen - What phobias do you fear most?


Phobias are extreme or irrational fears of events, objects or  dangers real or imagined

 and can appear at any stage of life and sometimes defy explanation except to conclude

 that they are born from perhaps too much thinking and maybe just being alive.


Which one are you most likely to be concerned with?


Zoophobia Pogonophobia Blennophobia
Fear of animals, zoos and finding yourself the human exhibit in the collection of a giant pimply-faced kid of a wealthy alien on planet XT24b. He wears a propeller beanie. Please do not feed the tiny Human. Fear of beards and becoming the 'friend' of a friend for the illicit purpose of a forbidden love lust which doesn't include your Sweet Smell. You're also afraid of Santa. Fear of slime and gooey things. Being prisoner to Jabba the Hutt is your worst nightmare. You cross the street to avoid a slug, and carry salt with you always to combat aggressive snails.
Ballistophobia Coprostasophobia Didaskaleinophobia
Fear of bullets, especially bullets going at extreme high speed aimed at you.  A common phobia that affected Tony Soprano, Al Capone and that pesky Looney wabbit. Be vewy quiet. Fear of constipation and are scared a flash fire will start down in the bowels of your basement just when you begin to feel action moving behind your pantaloon hernia. Fear of schools. Affects children but Night School can be scary too. Hey, Teacher, leave them kids alone! Learn masonry from Pink Floyd and grow your brownie mix behind The Wall.
Allodoxaphobia Russophobia Pnigerophobia
Fear of hearing what others are thinking of you. You wear ear buds without a radio, and avoid crowds because those people are whispering about you. You stay under the porch. Fear of Russians and that Stalin is alive and well and living in Graceland, waiting  to make you drink wodka and play tamborine with Lenin and Colonel Sanders. Fear of smothering. Even if it is an erotically wonderful way to die you are still terrified your death may come too quickly or from dusty old pillows and you won't be able to hear heartbeats.


Yes they are real phobias



FYI - snakes top the list





POLL Seventeen - What news source do you trust?

We get hours and miles of news coverage every day of our lives. But where do we turn to believe

that news endless chatter? TV? Newspapers? Radio? The World Wide Web? Whispers from the edge?


Ted Turner thrust his Atlanta news station into the first look network, with instant coverage of breaking events world wide, has it plunged into mediocrity, bloat and preconceived DNC notion? Originally a  Middle East outlook, the Arabic news network from Qatar has emerged into world-wide coverage viewed by anyone with interest in alternate news. Trusty old BBC no more? Maybe not since their reporter told us on 9/11 that WT7 had fallen down when it was clearly visible over her shoulder across New York Harbor still standing. The Russian View has exploded into reporting about us all as more people see it isn't just about Russia but also America and what Main Stream Media misses, perhaps purposely.  ABC is now owned by Disney. Has their news programming become just political opinion and entertainment  vehicles? Expertly drawn from the cartoon influence of Mickey animation?
Controversial news and views with a brash mad-at-everybody slant? Is NYT the last of broadsheet newspapers in the age of electronic immediacy? Yet with a creative faux news twist.  Julian Assange shot his revealing website into the leading edge of public awareness by exposing hidden news, tattling on the powerful and pissing off every politician on the planet. Fox, ridiculed by the left, heralded by the right, continues to spin views controversial to many and what some believe is of doubtful value. Except for the departed media darling Bill O'Reily. The mysterious web based, free wheeling hacker group who can bring down corrupt corporation deals, secret agencies, military orgs and governments seems to be floundering of late.   Do you pour over all these networks and others too? Seeking a vanishing truth because you cannot trust the constantly biased slant from these other so called news sources?

Poll closed  -   1. None of the Above = 24%    2. WikiLeaks =14%    3.  Fox News = 13%

 ... or maybe you only use MSM - Main Stream Media? Really?

silliness here






POLL Sixteen - What car will you drive in the future?


Bugatti  Veyron

Halloween edition just because you can GET to the future in 30 secs.

    AMC Pacer       

Grow back seat greenhouse car food like herbs and green weedy stuff.

The Batmobile

Without Bat Affleck, & Michael Keaton but with Halle Berry in her faux black leather.



Without the goggles and weedy stinky tweedy pipe dreams of Sir Reginald Twitt III.

Star Wars Hovercraft

To use the Force with 3 CPO, R2D2 & Chewy to hunt down and salt Jabba the Hutt!



Self drive car to sleep to work, send it out for beer and drive drunk home.

Stealth Prius

So no one will notice you in the traffic or the Walmart lot.

Porsche Boxster

Always vanted a der porch car mit wursten porken sausage und wiener beer.


Because the land is gonna sink soon and we can paddle off into the sunset.


Why do test pilot gals always have to wear skimpy clothing? Just because, that's why!


Is there a guy who would even get on that thing?

especially just wearing his underpants?



Poll closed - 1. Porsche Boxster   2. Chicmobile  3. Stealth Prius



POLL Fifteen - WHAT do you think about WikiLeaks now?



Shut down the rotten dirty traitors 

We need to know what government is doing

Should even harsh truth ever be censored?

Persecute Assange for exposing criminals?

Revelations are vital to a  healthy democracy

Edward Snowden has served his country

Governments have a  need to operate in secrecy


The World Wide Web should not be controlled


Our leaders should never
be questioned


Who IS keeping us safe?



Poll closed - 1. Democracy Now!   2. Revelations Vital   3. Snowden served




POLL Fourteen - WHAT will threaten humanity most in 2014?


Global warming

Monsanto or Bayer

Human migration


   Regional     hot wars

 Shadow Government

Nuclear Mistakes

Home Grown Terrorism


Poll closed - 1. Home grown terrorism   2. Human migration   3. Monsanto or Bayer




POLL Thirteen - Who will threaten world peace this year? 2013










North Korea












Poll closed - 1 - USA - 40%   2 - Syria 19%    3 - Pakistan - 12%



POLL Twelve - If you could write in your own candidate?

Write-in candidates rarely win, and votes are often cast for ineligible people or fictional characters, we've tried to keep our write-ins credible so all you who called for Kermit, get serious!  However, here are some notable write-ins in past  presidential primaries:
Herbert Hoover - Massachusetts presidential primary, 1928 - - - Franklin D. Roosevelt - New Jersey pp, 1940 - - - Dwight Eisenhower - Massachusetts pp, 1952 - - - John F. Kennedy - Pennsylvania pp, 1960 - - - Richard M. Nixon - Massachusetts pp, 1960. All of these won!  So go for it, vote for one of these suggested write-ins.


Clinton Eastwood Paul Paul Coulter Limbaugh Colbert Cooper Bush Assange


It's not easy being green 


Poll closed - 1 - Julian Assange - 22%    2 - Stephen Colbert - 19%    3 - Rue Paul - 14%



POLL Eleven - Would you use 'Cloud' storage?

Cloud storage is networked online storage where data is stored in virtualized pools generally hosted by third parties. Hosting companies operate large data centers, and people who require their data to be hosted buy or lease storage capacity from them. Allowing companies or individuals to save the cost of maintaining their own data storage. The data center operators, in the background, virtualize the resources according to the requirements of the customer and expose them as storage pools, which the customers can access and use to store private files or data objects. Physically, the resource may span across multiple servers. There is some suspicion that sensitive data stored by another company, could be used or made available secretly to interested parties, including the FBI etc. 


Yes! I trust everything!

No! Your files can be stolen.

Yes! The Cloud is  totally secure

NO! The FBI reads everything

Yes! IIt can't be hacked?

No! You can't trust the web.

Yes! What can go  wrong?

Poll closed - #1 - 4 - NO - 28%    #2 - 7 - YES -  22%   # 3 - 6 - NO - 14%



POLL Ten - Who will be most disgraced in 2012?

Mitt Romney President Obama Angelina Jolie George Clooney Hilary Clinton

Dick Cheney

Christy Clark

Tiger Woods


(too boring to be disgraced - Steven Harper)


 Poll closed - 1 - Christy Clark - 26%    2 - Mitt Romney - 21%    3 -Barak Obama - 18%





           POLL Nine - What will 2011 bring?

new war WikiNOLeaki weathermuck crazy stop surf www Osama tsunami bye bye


nice everything


 Poll closed - 1 - Sunshine & Gifts - 33%    2 - New War - 16%    3 - People get crazier - 15%





POLL Eight - Quebec and you



 Poll closed - 1 - Want Quebec to leave - 34%    2 - Invade Quebec - 17%    3 - French out of parliament - 11%






POLL Seven - Dinner companions

Poll was - Who would you choose to discuss world events with over dinner?









(assume you can discuss world events safely) 


Poll closed  - tie 1 & 2 - Winston & Leonardo    3 - Saddam






POLL Six - the May election in BC

Poll was - Who will you vote for?

 Gordo  (glug)  Carole   SOS    BC   Fast Fer.... glug

watch my lips

  Jelly in the head

refuse to vote


 Poll closed  - 1 - Carole James    2 - refuse to vote    3 - SOS  BC




POLL Five - Christmas Spirit

Poll was - What would you like best at Christmas?


Ho Ho Ho shop till you ... depends on what? what cookies? erp? Luv U Santa


  Poll closed  -  1 - Luv U  Santa   2 - what cookies?    3 - Ho Ho Ho




POLL Four -   the Olympic Issue

Poll was - who do you support in these Olympics?



Poll closed  -  1 - Tibet    2 - Olympics   3 - China


 POLL Three - if you win the lotto

Poll was - If you won the lotto what would you do?

rent 8 midgets - indulge your lusts - get a divorce - buy shoe trees - move to Western France - keep your job



    Jiminy times eight


  bye bye husband    shoe trees     Western France dishwashing


 Poll closed  -   1 - Western France   2 - Bye Bye Husband  3 - shoe trees


nota bene -  be aware that midgets cannot be bought, even for lottery winners. Renting them, however ...




POLL Two - for best President of the USA


Poll was - Who would make the best President of the USA?


  6 foot tall Elizabeth Kucinich Cindy McCain mmm Monica the rest



Poll Closed  - 1 - Elizabeth Kucinich    2 - mmm Monica   3 - Other




POLL One - for best Prime Minister of Canada

Poll was - Who would make the best Prime Minister of Canada?


Harper Dion Layton May Longley Duceppe Avril Bif Bare Naked Ladies
  Poll Closed  -  1 - Avril    2 - Bif    3 - Longley




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