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Elegant Passage 

Elegant Passage



Winter dogs Autumn Chinatown door Afternoon romance Coal Harbour King of the Porch Lattice work
English Bay Autumn Orange door Spanish Banks Coal Harbour King of the Porch Lartticework
Seawall Coal Harbour Dramatica Reflections Holding Up The Air Shadows Evening Business Waiting
Evening Seawall Dramatica Reflections Hold up the Air Shadows Evening tow Waiting

          Around Vancouver          

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Not everybody trusts painting,  but people believe photographs ... Ansel Adams


   funki fungi      spring yellows      curlique



Photography is the major force in explaining man to man .... Edward Steichen


sailing off Point Atkinson, West Vancouver


Pt. Atkinson Light Station





Chinatown, Vancouver

Saturday shopping

Most photography on these pages was done with a simple Canon PowerShot A 70 digital camera of only 3.2 megapixels, or my newer Canon PowerShot S5 IS of 8 megapixels. Set at 1024 by 768 for a 15.6 computer screen. Used with a tripod and extra lighting, even the A 70 is good enough for actors' head shots and is small enough to carry with you always, you never know when you might record a great shot.  Also used a Canon EF and A1. And don't leave it home because it's raining!


beach at Osoyoos, BC
Sunday at the beach







   Green Lantern      ageless
   tree seeds     Hamilton Street


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evening in Coal Harbour

Ambient Evening




The camera can be the most deadly weapon since the assassin's bullet. Or it can be the lotion of he heart ....Norman Parkinson


Shell Game




Noember Eleventh military parade


The Parade's Gone By


     November Eleventh - read it here -





   Elvis sighting    Sanctum Sanctorum    

  in the Academia                                                  Florence, Italy

  in Westminster Abbey, Mission, BC

        Westminster Abbey,   Mission, B.C.














Florence, Italy
  Spiral of Thought -  Dominion Building, Vancouver        The Dance  
stairway in the Dominion Building       

Canon EF







Night neon is fun to shoot - see the picture in a cafe storefront - step into the alcove and shoot it quick. 

Don't be hesitant to wander your city at night!








Regardless of your camera, the essence of photography remains within the human eye.





Dawn Mission

Years ago, I think in the late Fifties or early Sixties, I was out at the old Vancouver airport. In those days one could drive right onto the tarmac to your Cessna or Piper Cub tethered in the grass bordering the runway. There were about 8 of these WWII  Mustangs lined up, not usually there.  A memorable sight in the morning light and I photographed them from several angles, stopping down the lens for this picture. I even shinnied up onto the wing of one to peer into the cockpit.  That was when I noticed the sticker attached to the glass bubble - it said - 

'Danger, keep away. Radiation Contamination.' 

(I went on to have children who were, somewhat, normal)

P-51s at Vancouver airport early 50s I have no idea what happened to these glorious aircraft or what they had been through. I never found out where they came from or where they went. I believe the 'Bee' insignia can be traced to a Canadian squadron but have not been able to find it. Is this a secret?

If you know, email me please.



The North American P51-D Mustangs were equipped with Rolls-Royce Merlin engines of 1450+ horsepower. The P51-Ds pictured had the 'bubble' cockpit and a cut down tail section for increased lightweight giving them more performance and capability. They had a maximum speed of about 437 mph and an operational ceiling of about 12,000 ft. Armaments were six  .5 inch machine guns and they could carry 2,000 lbs of externally mounted bombs. The Mustang, one of the great fighters of World War II became the decisive fighter in the latter half of the conflict.
Form followed function to make an aircraft of exceptionally attractive design.





Fun with your pictures . . .   you don't always get the best picture on the first try. The first shot was crisp and looked fine, until I began playing with the second shot and it gradually became the best pic, it was no longer just a sailboat, but a vignette of a friendship.
Long lens shot of a small sail boat under a strong afternoon wind,  the background is nice, it's sharp. A beautiful  spring sailing image. The rigging and masts suggest an older boat.    Closer view, in the original size it is a little fuzzy but still interesting in the men sharing their enjoyment. But I thought the  out-board motor was a distraction.   Cropped closer in, the feeling of sailing is stronger and now the motion and the two men become more important, but do we need to see the whole boat? Is there a Winslow Homer feel to this picture?
Closer yet, making the two sailing friends the center of attention. I felt the emblems on the sails distracted somewhat. And should it tighten in a bit more?   I did shorten the boat just a bit more but we lose too much of the sunny sails and bow wave, but the emblems are gone with a simple clone tool.   Best. Now I believe it has motion, enough sail to feel the fresh wind and sunshine, and most of all, that  two old friends are sharing a wonderful day of brisk sailing.






Even though the image is not sharp, it is enhanced and concentrates the eye on our occupants,  the ambience of the brisk day, and emits a sense of the enjoyment of these two old friends appreciating the exhilaration of sailing, the sun, and most of all, each other.  Agree?


Canon S5 IS - set your camera to a high resolution and you'll have plenty of room for cropping or manipulation on your computer. Isn't that the advantage of digital imaging?







colour of hope
The Colour of Hope
















Greenwood, B.C.












Every photo has potential



Original picture. Kind of a blah, no sun, washed out sky, almost a discard, yet there is a feeling in the barn group, of serenity with loneliness ... which was probably why I took the photo in the first place.



... and with some work with a simple photo program ... manipulating the hue to add more blue over all, adding a gradient evening sky, and a cold rising moon. The autumn picture is transformed. A few tweaks of early stars and a couple of yellow lights at the farm, and it becomes a more interesting image. One can imagine the farmer sitting down to dinner while a coyote creeps near looking for his meal and a barn owl begins scanning the fields in the descending silence. Cold has settled into the valley and winter is near.

This is all done with a small free program that came with my first scanner, Adobe PhotoDeluxe. We don't all have to use Photoshop and CS3 to make photography within the computer a satisfying hobby. Everyone with Windows has Paint, play with it to see what you can do. It just takes patience and learning to use what you have. And imagination.                                                            click picture to enlarge




manipulating an image? (Adult)




manipulate whatever you like ...




Just  fun  just  Jujubes






On the Fraser

Sometimes you know the instant of your photograph will never occur again in the history of the world.

The ducks will have flown, the tide have ebbed, the sunlight will be dimmed, shadows darker, the leaves may have less gold, the sky not so blue, the logs floated away, the serenity of the day passed into memory. The planets will never align the same. Yet the vision is preserved for others to know and dream of lingering in that glorious flash of moment. In the elusive realm of being all right and correct for perhaps only an instant, capturing perfection into your spirit for another time when needed, is the gift of nature.

photo unmanipulated






Chinatown stairway

the Yellow Room       

And sometimes it is pure luck. At the moment I looked up the stairs to see if there was a picture there,
the woman opened the door and came out of the yellowed room. It pays to be ready to snap the opportunity.







When others are sleeping, you go out . . .



.... cities are way more interesting at night






The beach at Spanish Banks, Vancouver.

 With a little effort, you can create GIF animations too, this done with a FREE program called PhotoScape. By adjusting the yellow umbrella in each of 6 pictures, simply adding them together and setting the timing to make the umbrella flutter. 
The possibilities are imaginative and limitless!

(check out the Cheshire Cat GIF at the very end of this site too)





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