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a crayon work by RC Westerholm


   The origins of clowns can be traced back to the Circus Maximus of Rome.  Clowns started as Greek and Roman mimes and were usually bald headed padded, stupid fools.

    The Modern circus began around 1768 and the first circus clowns appeared at Phillip Astley's. Some early clowns were Arlecchino, Pierrot and Harlequin.

    Joey Grimaldi originated the white-faced tradition and the baggy dress.  Large shoes and sloppy manners were made popular by Auguste in the 1860s. 

The sad faced Emmett Kelly is perhaps the most well known modern day clown.

    Since their beginnings centuries ago, clowns through their buffoonery and ridiculously exaggerated antics have always brought joy into our hearts.


Emmet Kelly






Emmet Kelly     

#1 in the Clown Series

      clowns as 6 x 9 art cards with clown history printed on back




design on cloth sweat shirt design on cloth





package design for GS Teja

       © GS Teja Ltd.

                                                                                              design - Bob Westerholm


 Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth .... Pablo Picasso




Vancouver art card design The The artist - R.C. Westerholm was born and raised in Vancouver and is intimately familiar with the city.  He attended the old Vancouver School of Art and is known for his finely detailed pen and ink drawings of Vancouver area scenes.
     a personal selection of interesting buildings in Vancouver Limited Edition Print and art card design by Bob Westerholm -
published by Masalla Galleries Graphics





Lettering, business card, brochure and stationary designs;      

design for importer's  stationary

                  © Bazaar Marrakech


w         Mañana Galleria
         © Great Canadian Gourmet ltd.  

© Andalucia Imports Inc

© Father and Son Apparel Ltd

 © Taracronica website

        © Mañana Galleria Ltd. 

                                                                                                                                                                              designs by Bob Westerholm






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The Old Neighborhood - Vancouver is fortunate to have such an ambient mixture of old and new.

The older neighborhoods: among them Cedar Cottage, Marpole, Strathcona, Grandview and Collingwood, reflect the earlier years of Vancouver's settlement and a way of life that seems sadly to be passing into history.  These wooden houses age gracefully and with a certain degree of charm and dignity, character houses that endow the city with a most relaxed atmosphere.

These are from East Keefer Street.




     designs on cloth for sweat shirts                                                 © RC Westerholm



The secret of my influence has always been that it remained secret.  -   Salvador Dali




Book Cover Art Designs

Deadly Nightshade   Tango Murderoso   Acts of Empathy





design by Bob Westerholm
                      brochure design for Passport Travel                         © Passport Travel  Ltd.





                                                                                                     © RC Westerholm






                                             a favorite artist - Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

Expectations - Lawrence Alma-Tadema


Expectations    -   1885 oil on panel

Alma-Tadema's superb appreciation of light makes everything he painted very special and worthy of long consideration by other artists.  His composition often defies whatever 'rules' there are and leads to many questions.  He sometimes surprises with converging lines and choice of colour.  


Look for the painting 'Unconscious Rivals'  by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema on the web too and see what I mean .. 


many art reproductions here of famous artists -




                                                Of course, art is where you find it.
                                                 Even a 6 year old child's impression of a fairy angel with gossamer wings is art as it pleases the eye . . .


Jordan's  Crystal Fairy


                                                                          ... with permission from the artist





New art form?

The New York Times recently had an article that supposed the computer adventure series, 'Myst', had created a new art form. We suggest that the art form was established way back in the forties by Walt Disney with such productions as Snow White, Fantasia and Pinocchio. Do the artists who envision the modern computer games sneak back into history for a peak at inspiration? We think so. Take a look at an enchanting film cel for Pinocchio  -  and compare it with the screen shot from URU, from the wonderful concept of the Myst series for computer.


cell - Disney's Pinocchio
from Steamboat Willie in 1928 ... to modern Mickey ...  Walt Disney was doing it for Pinocchio in 1940


The only limit to art is imagination ...


cell from URU

   Myst computer adventure, from URU - 2003 - similarities to Pinocchio?


The Myst series of computer adventure games took the computer world by storm.  Using CD-ROM drives the nonviolent Myst, Riven, Myst III, IV, V and Uru were phenomenal and sold millions, becoming the top selling computer games of all time. The artwork and graphics established what exactly was state of the art in computer imagery and took full advantage of the computer's ability to use movement and illuminate a screen image which contributed to the intellectual challenge of progressing through the quest to solve the adventure. And allowed the user to control the game. The thinking and design of such games revolutionized computer gaming and artwork.

                                                                            Cyan Worlds Inc. Copyright 2003-2009 Cyan Worlds, Inc.









Victor Navone's ground breaking 1999 computer animation

I Will Survive - sung by Gloria Gaynor
written by Dino Fekaris & Freddie Perren  -  © 1978 Polygram Records, INC.






In private life, clowns are often thoughtful, lonely and shy. But a transformation takes place with the first smear of greasepaint and as the final adjustment of the costume is made the character change is complete and we see joviality and merriment.  Sometimes the artist too is transformed at the first smear of crayon to paper or oil to canvas.
the Bolo Bat - RCW clown   Jacks - RCW clown   Hopscotch - RCW clown
 The Bolo Bat              #2      Jacks                     #3  in the Clown series  

   Hopscotch                    #4

© RC Westerholm Ltd.  © Masalla Galleries Graphics.

#5 in the Clown series has disappeared.





Drawing is the honesty of the art. There is no possibility of cheating .... Salvador Dali




  The Western Breeze at Steveston                  pen and Ink and watercolour



What the truly great artists can do with so few lines blows my mind ....


Matisse - Young Girl


Picasso - The Lovers

   Henri Matisse - Young Girl Arranging Her Hair - 1934       


Pablo Picasso - the Lovers - 1923


Here Henri has depicted a young woman who has hope and anticipation  while only gliding his pencil across the paper with so little effort.



 Notice that Picasso has no need of colour in their faces, he has captured their tender emotion with his pencil.









Rambrandt - drawing
...  there are the deft pen strokes of Rembrandt van Rijn - The Three Crosses - 1653






and then there is



styrofoam is so fun to draw on




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  40s poster
              the old poster art was great but 
          computers changed everything


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